GT Coating has been developed for the Packaging Industry with the ever increasing need for sustainability, recyclables and of course compostability.

Paper & Board

The coating whilst providing a good moisture barrier can also be used for Lidding, Sandwich packs or full sheet window patching. All achieved by the activation of the thermal adhesive properties of this product when applied to paper or carton board. This product can also be used for Duplexing boards to increase calliper and rigidity simply by folding and passing through heated nip rollers.


GT Coating can also be applied to films such as PLA's, Cellulose or Polyesters using the coating as a thermal laminating adhesive. Softening point is 85c but requires a slightly longer dwell time than Non Compostable Adhesives.

  • The coating is heat sealable and permanently bonds to most Paper/Board and Films.
  • The coating provides a good moisture and air barrier.
  • Compostable, in laboratory soil burial tests the coating degraded within 30 days inline with BS EN 13432.
  • Coated by Meyer bar/Gravure/Litho/Flexo & Screen.
  • The coating is non blocking and non migratory.
  • Approved for direct food contact.
    (*It is advised that users conduct their own tests for fit for purpose)

In Production

We can accept roll widths of up to 1700mm with either 75mm or 150mm cores; (master rolls would have to be on 150mm cores for us to handle the weight.) These can then slit and re-wound onto end user cores or we can provide a sheeting service, ream wrapped or B.P.O.P. Material calliper we can handle materials/films from 15mu to 300mu, all can be slit and re-wound in house.

We manufacture in a food grade environment with full BRC/Iop accreditation.

For further information please contact:

Ian Whawell tel: +44 (0)7802 884520 or email :